Direct Water Treatment, Tullyroan, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.  Water softeners, drinking water, filtration units. Lime, iron & bacteria removal service.
Drinking Water. Direct Water Treatment offers a wide range of water treatment options.Safe drinking water for the family home. Direct Water Treatment specialises in water filtration systems.Taste & odour removal system.  Higher levels of filtration & reliability brings you cleaner, crisper water.Before & after water testing and analysis available from DWTReverse osmotic water treatment - removal of lime scale, iron, sulphar...Water coolers. We can offer you a wide range of water coolers to suit your needs.

Direct Water Treatment, Co. Kilkenny

Water Softeners ~ Drinking Water ~ Filtration Units.
Lime, Iron & Bacteria Removal Service

Do you have any of the following household drinking water quality problems?
We supply at a realistic price, a full range of:

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What's in your water?

Are you worried about any bacteria that may be in your water? Are you concerned that cryptosporidium, e-coli, cysts, aluminium, lead, chlorine, fluoride, lime, nitrates, iron, slurry, methane or poison might be in your drinking water or your children’s drinking water?

Direct Water Treatment (DWT) offers you a wide range of water treatment options. We have a range of options for those of us who are concerned that our water may be contaminated: Reverse osmotic filters are recognised as the most natural, effective and affordable solution for consistent, clean, safe drinking water for the family home.

Domestic Water Filters

DWT has a range of domestic water filters for your kitchen including; reverse osmosis systems, fridge water filters, water softeners and undersink units.

Soft water in your shower means healthier skin and hair, your machine washed clothes will be softer, dishes shinier, less breakdowns and savings are made on detergents. Along with all this you will increase efficiency in your heating and reduced plumbing costs.

With higher levels of filtration and reliability, our filters bring you the promise of a healthy lifestyle and cleaner, crisper water that is noticeably different

Direct Water Treatment
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